Just a giant gutter full of ice cream. #nobiggie way to go blue team! Winners of the Summer games!! Blue.S.A!!! #nbtsjh #nbstudents @nbtsjhBittersweet day sending off the 8th graders to high school. Good luck all! See you junior year! #nbtsjh #nbstudentsReady for #nbtsjh. Are you? #newbreakchurch #nbstudents @newbreakstudentsWorshipping the King! 
#NBStudents #fellowship #faithSo honored to be able to help change and save lives this past week in Fiji with just a simple thing like clean water!ðâ¤ï¸ð #nbstudents #nbgcw14 #takemebackThis week I got the privilege to speak and hang out at a JR High Surf Camp with @newbreakstudents #nbstudents #beach #surf #surfcamp #sandiego #striveforgreatnessOnly #newbreakstudents #nbstudents #newbreakec #lyounglife #survive14#poolparty at survive the night! #survive14 #nbstudents #younglifeThe crowd for #survive14 #nbstudents #younglife#NBStudents just served #ChapmanPartnershipforHomeless .. Thankful for the awesome opportunity to serve those in need in our city! #HomesteadCome hang out and enjoy a little longer game time hanging out with your leaders. #nbecyouth #nbstudents @nbecyouthHallway selfie! #nbjhlockin14 #nbstudents#nbjhlockin14 making new friends and photo bombing! #nbecyouth #nbstudentsScripps Mesa ! #nbjhlockin14 #nbstudentsSo can your youth volunteers do this? You go @bottledlight #nbecyouth @newbreakeastcounty #newbreak @newbreak #nbstudentsNewbreak Jr High Lock-in is tomorrow night !!!!!!!!!! Bring $5 and your medical release form. T-shirts will be sold for $5 -- Snackbar. #nbecyouth #nbtsjh #nbsmjh #nbpbjh #nbobjh #newbreak #nbstudents#Repost from @im_that_kid1313
these brothers make me laugh! @nbecyouth #nbecyouth #nbstudents  Mega Jenga #nbygFancy clapping! (We give lessons!) @nbecyouth #nbecyouth #nbstudentsWe are in the city. @nbecyouth #nbecyouth #nbstudentsOur worship team tonight @nbecyouth #nbecyouth  #nbstudents

2014 Jr. High Lock-in

June 8th 2014 @ 5:05AM

Do you have what it takes to stay up ALL NIGHT?! It is going to be amazing and incredible to take over the Newbreak Tierrasanta Campus along with over 50 leaders for a whole night of games, inflatables, friends and incredible worship. This is the 8th year we will be having this epic event and each year we out do the last! Surprises are always in store so grab a friend and take a great nap before you show up...there will be NO SLEEPING!

$5 is all it costs for this amazing night.

Food will be available for purchase so we suggest you send cash with your student.

**Newbreak Medical Release Form is Required** Please download and bring a completed form with you. 

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Summer Camp 2014

May 19th 2014 @ 5:31AM


Summer Camp has amazing impact on so many students each year in their walk with Jesus. We hope you get to come and spend five days up in beautiful Pinecrest seeing all that God created while engaging in worship, challenged by talks, competing in competitions against other youth groups, playing dodgeball and making new friends. It's going to be an incredible week! Sign up today!

Early Registration price- $280 (if $100 deposit and all paperwork is turned in by June 25th)

Late Registration price- $295 after June 25th.

Forms needed for Summer Camp 2014:

Newbreak Medical Release Form

Pinecrest Medical Release Form

Summer Camp "What to Know"

Skate Park Release Form (NOTE: This is only needed if your student would like to skate at the skatepark at camp.)



Jared JohnsonAuthor: Jared JohnsonTan. Buff. and awesome. TAKE THAT!!! Boom Roasted

Jr. High Surf Camp 2014

May 6th 2014 @ 4:49AM



 Let's spend five amazing days out on the beautiful waves at La Jolla Shores learning how to surf! This is our 18th year of spending time of the waves and learning about how God is at work in our lives. We partner with Christian Professional Surf Instructors to provide the best experience for students in the water while having our Newbreak Leaders to challenge them in their relationship with Jesus.

This event takes place from Monday, July 7- Friday, July 11 at La Jolla Shores. The cost is $135 and is open to students entering 6th grade through students entering 9th grade.

Space for this event is limited so be sure to sign up today!

Forms needed:

Surf Camp "What to Know" Form

Newbreak Medical Release Form

Soul Surfing School Release Form *NOTE: This form does not need to be notarized

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High School Laser Tag!

April 16th 2014 @ 3:52AM

Hey friends! 

Join us as we hang out, shoot each other with lasers and hit up Yogurtland after! If we get 27 students together we get the place to ourselves! Cost covers your ride, 2 games of laser tag and yogurt! Bring a friend! 


Sign up HERE!!


Download your MEDICAL RELEASE form here!


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Dodgeball - April Annihilation

March 18th 2014 @ 4:06AM

Come join us for an epic night of free food, raffle prizes and an epic dodgeball tournament! Make sure so invite some friends to join!!! Let us know you’re coming by joining out facebook event and sharing it!

Every student attending must completely fill out a 2013-2014 Newbreak Medical Release Form.

Check out this video from past dodgeball action.

Can’t wait to see you there!

Chris EasleyAuthor: Chris EasleyMr. Awesome.